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About Us

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Modern Fleet of Delivery trucks
  • IPIA member (International Packaged Ice Association)
  • State and Local Routine Health Department Inspections 
  • Independent Lab Water Analysis

  • Ice sizes
  • 7lb Cubed
  • 16lb Cubed
  • 40lb Cubed
  • 10lb Block
  • 20lb Block
  • 300lb Clinebell Carving Block

Easton Ice Company is centrally located on the Delmarva Penninsula in Easton Maryland.  This allows us to easily provide fast and efficient delivery service to customers from Northern DE and Maryland to The Eastern Shore of Virgina.  The Maryland and Delaware Beaches to The Chesapeake Bay.

Like many ice companies, Easton Ice has a long and rich history.  It has been located at the same location in Easton for as long as anyone can remember.  In the early years we provided coal, fuel oil, and also offered cold storage.  Then moved into selling beer and crabbing items later on. Now we just sell ice, crab bait, and salt.  The building is full of the character of an old ice house and still has many remenents around of the old equipment and old days.  Many folks stop in and reminisce about how they had worked at the old plant at one time or another, or were helpers on the delivery trucks during their youth.  Many people get a thrill when they stumble upon us going through town and the nostalgia of buying ice directly from the old ice house

Today the Easton Ice name is known as one of the largest ice suppliers in the Mid Atlantic area.  Through our various Customers and Distribution Companies you can find Easton Ice in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond.

Easton Ice Company, Inc.

108 East Avenue
Easton, MD 21601-3546
(410) 822-5375